Ex-Felons in Texas Carrying Guns? No?

A little something I thought was interesting.

Of course, I was over at Grits for Breakfast a while ago, and saw another intriguing post. It seems that the North Carolina Supreme Court found that some felons have “a right to bear arms”. What does this have to do with Texas, you ask? Well, Grits is saying that the Constitution of North Carolina uses less strong language in advocating the right to bear arms than does the Constitution of Texas.

Using this, could it be possible that lawyers might use this ruling as grounds for getting some ex-felons in Texas their pistols back? Maybe, maybe not. We all know about the judges here in Texas. We’ll just have to see what plays out.

I’m not sure what I think about it… I guess the more poor and angry you are, the more a firearm makes sense.

2 Responses to “Ex-Felons in Texas Carrying Guns? No?”

  1. Kyle says:

    Its seems your view on felons is bigoted, ignorant, and I’m sure hypocritical, because everyone with virtually no exception breaks the law at one point in their life. With as many laws as there are, odds are you are inadvertently an offender as well, be it something small as coming to a rolling stop at a stop sign or not reporting your earnings from a garage sale(the gov’t gets really pissed about even minor tax evasion, up to 10 years pissed)

    So ex felons who have done their time, paid their dept to society, and been rehabilitated shouldn’t own guns? For what reason? BECAUSE IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE when you compare the law to the constitution.

    I have the right to bear arms. A parable would be a car thief. “Oh he stole a car, lets make it illegal for him to drive/buy one, because he could run over someone.” Sounds ridiculous when you compare it to something much more deadly than a gun. Statistically you have a better chance of dying in a car wreck than being shot.

    I also have the right to pursue happiness. What if for all my life I wanted to work for the FBI, and then got a felony when I was young and dumb, and now denied my dream? What is the point of having the constitution if nobody follows it?

    And most felons, like me, were young and dumb once like many others who didn’t get caught. Do you know the frustration of paying your dept, doing time, and becoming rehabilitated only to get thrust into a system that virtually encourages you to commit crime to make ends meet? You simply can not find a decent job with a felony, what you end up with is a job flipping burgers. Who can provide a living for their family at minimum wage? What about my baby girl? Should she have to suffer for a null mistake made years ago, because nobody wants to hire a felon? I truly am a second class citizen in Americas’ invisible caste system.

    I apologize from deviating from the original issue, I just needed to vent.

  2. PandA Admin says:

    The view that I’ve expressed in this post is purposely non-biased. Maybe you misconstrued my opinion by my use of quotes around “a right to bear arms”. I personally think that felons should have the right to bear arms, I myself being one of them.

    Because so many low-rent “charges” are being called felonies nowadays, one can easily find oneself with a felony, and I don’t believe that it is right to strip someone of their right just to ease the minds of those who think in hyperbole. Getting drunk, running over someone, and being convicted of vehicular manslaughter has nothing to do with carrying a gun, and neither does possessing a small amount of cocaine. Shooting someone without warrant does.

    Speaking up is what this place is for!

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